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Hi, my name is Alex Grouet. I’ve lived in Dakar for 7 years now (although have just returned after 18 months spent back in France).

I am 29 years old, work in mobile telecommunications, am married (to a Senegalese woman) and have a kid.

I love Senegal, and love living there, and will be happy to answer your questions. Just pop me an email on askexpat AT

  1. Hi, enjoy reading your blog. Thank you. Can you tell me if its safe for a woman expat “single” in Dakar? How would I be viewed? Also, would it be easy to start a business and open a bank account?

    • Axel Taren permalink

      Hi Verna

      Yes, it is safe as a single expat woman, for as long as you respect essentially the same precautions as you would back home, eg avoid walking home alone late at night, etc. If you don’t have your own car, I’d recommend also having a taxi driver you trust (you’ll find one after a few tries) and use him on a regular basis.

      Starting a business, just go to Apix ( they can get you set up on 48h, but be sure to have the required documentation beforehand (will be outlined on the site, otherwise you can call). Setting up a bank account is easy.

      All best!

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