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Senegalese beauty

August 6, 2008

Question from Pat:

I heard that Senegalese women are beautiful. Is it true?

Answer by Alex (Dakar expat):

Well, Pat, it’s always going to be a matter of personal taste, and, like everywhere, each individual looks different from another, so I would rather not generalize. But, it can be said, based on the opinion of most foreign visitors, that the Senegalese people, and especially the women, are generally very good looking. They typically have delicate facial features and slender bodies.


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  1. tricks permalink

    I am about to marry a Senegalese woman. For the second time…

  2. dailymix permalink


  3. carol permalink

    I am about to marry a senagalese man. I am blond and scottish. any advice besides no. 50 sunscreen. i love senrgal already! Are there many scottish there.

    • dailymix permalink

      Hi Carol,

      Wow, congratulations ! All my best wishes for your marriage.

      Mmhh… advice ? Well, you mentionned the only one I had for you 🙂 Senegal is a lot easier when you are married to someone from there, because you really avoid all the disadvantages that non-integrated expats have to go through. The only thing I found annoying (being married to a Senegalese woman myself) is walking around in the street, and having people look at you because you’re a mixed couple. Although it does occasionally happen, it is rare that people actually make derogatory comments, but I really found the looks very invasive. The one thing I’ve appreciated since I’ve been back in Europe for a couple months now is being able to walk in the street without anyone really giving a damn. Apart from that, I always felt very privildged compared to my Western friends, because I always really got the best of both worlds : Senegal from the inside when I felt like it, and, when I wanted to take a break and be an expat again for a bit, I could still do that too.

      Again, all my best wishes, and keep us posted !

  4. dailymix permalink

    argh sorry forgot to answer your second question… Are there a lot of Scots? No 🙂

    btw, I gave some general “warnings” about local marriage in a post based on your question, but did not want to include those in my direct answer to you, as that would have been linking your specific case to them, which is absolutely not my intention.

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