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A good real-estate agency

August 2, 2008

Question from Sean:

I am off to Dakar for a 9 month mission – I need to find a furnished place to stay. Can you recommend a good real-estate agency?

Answer by Alex (Dakar expat):

Hey Sean -Compared to the size of the market, there are a lot of real estate agencies in Dakar. That is a problem in the sense that it means that the offer is highly disseminated… The good thing however is that agencies tend to work together, by bringing each other clients, and then sharing the commission. From the experience I and people around me have had, Partners Immobilier seems to gather the most favourable opinions. It is run by a friendly and experienced local team. They are a bit specialized in the popular Almadies/Mamelles/Virage area, so if you are looking for something downtown, a good one is Agence Immobiliere du Senegal. It is run by a Lebanese family, and most of them speak fluent English (I believe they studied in the States or something). The downside is that they don’t have a website, so best is to call. They should be able to send you some pics via email though if you want to choose ahead of time, but I strongly recommend you see for yourself, especially that factors that won’t show on a pic such as noise or security are particularly important when you’re living in an environment that you’re not familiar with.

Because they take commissions and are not always that useful, a lot of people have stopped using agencies, and revert to private brokers. There is an excellent one my friends and I consistently use now, called Modou, whom I highly recommend. Whereas agencies take a month of rent commission, he takes half, and is extremely efficient. Another popular way of finding a place is via the classified ads on


Partners Immobilier (no website) – Address: Route de l’Aéroport Ngor, Dakar – Tel: +221 820 64 50

Agence Immobiliere du Senegal (no website) – Address: Route de l’Aéroport Ngor, Dakar – Tel: +221 820 64 50

Modou Diop – 77 253 39 23


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  1. Terry permalink

    In any event, stay away from Almadies Immobilier – they are awful

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