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Best restaurant for business lunch

August 1, 2008

Question from Tommy:

I will be in Dakar for a week and need to take a potential client out for lunch. I am looking for the absolute best restaurant, ie the one that will impress the client the most. Please note the client is local.

Answer by Alex (Dakar expat):

Hi Tommy – well, there are really 2 places that stand out: Le Mogador and le Terrou-Bi.

Terrou-bi (its “gastronomique” restaurant, not the grill) is the ‘establishment’ power restaurant. It is where cabinet ministers and heads of public companies tend to go for lunch. The food (French) is really exceptional, and the service is great. The restaurant has an amazing ocean view. You should expect it to cost about 60 euros per head for a 3 course meal, without including drinks. It is where I recommend you take your prospective client if he is a government official or an ‘old-fashioned’ business person.

Le Mogador is more on the ‘bling-bling’/trendy side. It is the President’s son, and potential successor, favorite hang out. No ocean view, but sophisticated decoration and excellent service. Great food, more international and creative that the Terrou’s-bi. It is where I suggest you take your prospective client if he is a ‘young/modern/high-tech’ business person. Price is about the same as Terroubi.

Further info & reservations

The Terroubi website is awful.  Just call +221 33 839 90 39 for a reservation, and make sure to specify it is for the Gastronomique restaurant (not the grill). The restaurant is open every day. Adress: Route de la Corniche Ouest (there is no street number).

Le Mogador does not have a website. Call +221 33 820 0402 for a reservation. The restaurant is closed on Sunday. Address: Route des Almadies, near Meridien President Hotel (there is no street number).


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  1. John permalink

    I went to Mogador on a business trip – was invited by the COO of one of the local telecom operators… had a great meal. Was surprised when I walked out: i had forgotten I was in Senegal – so yeah, not your typical local outing, but definitely good for business

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